Ray Bibbia – Beta Demo

Ray Bibbia is an incredibly frantic blend of bullet hell and speed typing that sees you playing a priest who must dodge masses of projectiles while typing to recite prayers and banish demons from the bodies they’ve possessed.

In Ray Bibbia you play a priest who gets called out to perform demonic exorcisms on poor possessed humans in your city. While outside of battle you control Ray’s movement with the cursor keys and type verbs such as ‘examine’ or ‘use’ to carry out actions when neat certain objects. When in battle you still control Ray using the arrow keys but you need to use the rest of the keyboard to type you the prayers he recites while banishing the demons.

This really tests your multitasking skills to the limits as there are a lot of projectiles flying around the screen and you only have your left hand free to type as you’re controlling Ray’s movement with your right. Get hit by a projectile and you’ll drop your bible. You only have a set amount of time to pick it up again before you’ll have to start the whole incantation again, but be careful as you rush towards it – you can only take a few hits when not holding the bible until it’s game over.

Much like the browser based prototype it’s based onRay Bibbia is a very tough and very addictive mash up of typing and bullet hell that will really test your ability to multitask. It’s got a great sense of humor and the pixel art animation is fantastic too – though you really won’t have much time to stand admire it! The power of Christ compels you to check out this awesome bullet hell type ‘em up!

Download The Ray Bibbia Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)