Raygun Gadabout – Alpha Demo

Raygun Gadabout is a fun cartoony action platforming metroidvania that plays like a blend of Super Metroid and Earthworm Jim, as you blast space pirates on a lighthearted planet hopping adventure.

In Raygun Gadabout you’ll be able to travel across the cosmos, explore planets, unlock new abilities and battle space pirates. It’s a beautifully animated adventure with a art style and humor that draws inspiration from classic nickelodeon and Warner Bros cartoons and gameplay that draws inspiration from Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

The Alpha demo build takes around 15 minutes to playthrough and gives you access to one space pirate-filled planet for you to explore. It really impresses with it’s lush cartoon visuals, high quality animation and dynamic combat. You have access to a plasma sword, a blaster, a force-field and a dodge-roll ability – all of which come in handy when fighting those pesky aliens (especially your force-field which can repel projectiles back at enemies).

Even in these early stages of development Raygun Gadabout is a very polished experience, with high quality character animation, beautiful backgrounds and fun action platforming gameplay that feels fondly reminiscent of Earthworm Jim. A lighthearted interplanetary metroidvania adventure well worth embarking on.

Check Out the Kickstarter Page Here (Launches on April 3rd)

Download The Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)