Razorlocks – Pre-Alpha Download

Razorlocks is a very promising 3D platformer with a focus on speed, style and player mobility as you wall-run, grapple and dash through the levels.

In Razorlocks you take control of the titular character – a young woman with a blade tool connected to her hair, which allows her to use it as a grappling hook and perform powerful spin attacks. She also has some nifty parkour skills, allowing her to wall-run and wall-jump, which reallly comes in handy as you clamber through the large levels.

The current pre-Alpha build of Razorlocks features three levels of increasing difficulty, full of collectibles, enemies and challenging vertical areas to climb. The final level is punishingly tough and you’ll have to master your hair grappling skills to complete it.

It’s still cleary very early in development, but already the core gameplay in Razorlocks is a lot of fun. The game has a nice mixture of combat and parkour platforming and the character movement feels great. Rapunzel ain’t got nothing on Razorlocks!

Download The Razorlocks Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)