RE.CO.N. – Game Jam Build Download

RE CO N Game

RE.CO.N. is a very well presented adventure game with stylish PS1-era visuals, made for the Indie Vault Jam, in which you attempt to save your crew member’s lives after your ship had some malfunctions in space.

You used to be quite the mischievous child – one who enjoyed throwing rocks at animals that were in your way or setting fire to things with your friend. Everything was fine back then, when you’d watch the rockets fire out into space and wonder about them. Years later, the resources that humans needed to survive on Earth became scarce, so now you have volunteered to go to Pluto in hopes of living there.

You and your crew have been traveling for 10 years, but now something has gone catastrophically wrong. You have woken up to a seriously damaged ship, while your fellow crew members need help. Its up to you to decide who to help, if any of them, with their various issues. Helping then will take more time, and may result in them dying anyway, so it’s completely up to you. As you explore your ship, you can look at things both from a top down view and first person view. This will help you understand what is going on. It’s your goal to get yourself, and as many of your crew members as you wish, out of the ship alive before its damaged too much.

RE.CO.N. impresses with its stylish retro visuals, intriguing story and gameplay where your decisions can really mean the difference between life and death.  A unique little retro space adventure, well worth strapping in for.

Play or Download RE.CO.N. Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)