Re.Surs – Beta Demo

Re.Surs is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi horror action adventure that follows a paranormal investigator as she tracks a dangerous criminal who is unleashing grotesque monsters into the the world.

In Re.Surs you take on the role of Jessie Sullivan, a paranormal investigator who works for a government agency and has been called out to investigate a disturbance in the processing building for Re.Surs (a powerful source of energy). It soon becomes apparent that an evil mastermind is unleashing armies of monsters into the world, and now you need to stop him. Along the way you’ll team up with other characters who have their own reasons for joining the fight.

The Re.Surs demo build takes around 30 minutes to play through and features an interesting mix of narrative, horror and retro arcade shooter combat. You start off controlling Jessie, but in the second level you unlock Basil, and each character has unique special abilities that come in handy throughout.

At the moment the combat feels a little clunky and a little too retro. The character’s movements are very limited (you can’t even duck, jump, block or shoot vertically) which makes avoiding enemy fire very tricky. Everything else about the game is pretty impressive though, with a nice variety of monsters to blast, an interesting narrative, a great soundtrack and some excellent pixel art animation. If they can make the characters a little more agile it could be a lot of fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Re.Surs Beta Demo Here (Steam)