Reactor – Prototype Download

Reactor is a fun little pixel art puzzle adventure where you attempt to collect graphite fragments from the irradiated remains of a nuclear reactor.

In Reactor you don a bright yellow hazard suit and enter the remains of an exploded nuclear reactor. You don’t really have any special abilities other than being able to push boxes and jump high, but you have to try and make your way through each level, avoiding irradiated waste and grabbing graphite fragments as you go.

Even in these early stages of development Reactor impresses with its charming pixel art visuals and inventive level design. Anybody who has watched the Chernobyl mini-series will know that in reality your poor little protagonist is pretty much dead already (especially as he’s collecting graphite fragments along the way), but if you can suspend your disbelief then there’s a solid puzzle platforming adventure at Reactor’s core!

Download or Play The Reactor Prototype Here (Windows & Browser)