Read Only Memoires – Alpha Demo

read only memories

Read Only Memories is a great new pixel art cyberpunk point and click adventure in which you and Turing – the worlds first sentient robot – explore the world of Neo-San Francisco, and discover what has happened to Turing’s creator.

Read Only Memories is inspired by classic point and click adventures such as Gabriel Knight and Snatcher, featuring charming pixel art visual design, well crafted characters, and an intriguing story of conspiracy and shadow organisations.

Turing is a particular highlight – this little robot isn’t 100% sure if it’s sentient, but after just a couple of conversations with it, it’s pretty obvious it would pass the Turing test.  He was created by a brilliant AI engineer and old friend of yours who has mysteriously gone missing. It’s up to you to piece together out what has happened to him, and why Turing is so important to the people who kidnapped him.

Slated for full release in October 2015, Read Only Memories is a very promising adventure, featuring intuitive puzzle design, excellent pixel art animation and a well written, dialogue-rich narrative that promises multiple endings.  Whether one of these endings will involve Turing’s AI taking over the world and renaming itself SkyNet is doubtful – but he would make an adorable little Terminator!

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available