Realm Royale – Open Alpha

Realm Royale is a Paladins spin-off from Hi-Rez Studios (creators of Smite, Tribes: Ascend and Paladins) brings MOBA-esque heros, spells, crafting, mounts and chickens to the Battle Royale genre.

In Realm Royale players can choose between five character classes (Assassins, Warriors, Hunter, Engineers and Mages) each with their own unique attributes, then jump out of an airship and plummet to the ground for some battle royale action. There’s lots of weapons, equipment and spells to loot and you can even forge powerful legendary weapons at forges scattered around the map. Using the forges takes time and leaves you vulnerable to attack though, so you’ll have to be careful or get a teammate to watch your back.

The combat is fast, fun and easily accessible, feeling more like Fortnite than PUBG. Interestingly there’s no solo game mode at the moment, instead you can pair up for a duo match or form a 4 player team for a team match. Also, if you die you’ll turn into a chicken and will revive if you manage to avoid enemy attacks for a short amount of time.

The Battle Royale market is getting increasingly overcrowded, but Hi-Rez Studios have brought some interesting ideas, a nice sense of humor and a good amount of polish to Realm Royale. They’ve seen great success with Smite, which was released while the MOBA was very crowded, so there’s a good chance they could see success again with Realm Royale. Well worth checking out if you’re not suffering from Battle Royale fatigue.

Download The Realm Royale Alpha Here (Steam)