REalM Walk of Soul: Book One – Beta Demo

Realm walk of soul

REalM Walk of Soul: Book One is a side-scrolling horror puzzle game that puts you in control of a young woman named Iris. After waking from a horrible dream, Iris finds that her nightmare never really ended and the twisted creatures that plagued her mind have entered her waking world. Under the guidance of a shadowy figure, Iris must find and master strange, new powers in order to solve puzzles, avoid monsters, and eventually return home.

REalM Walk of Soul: Book One’s new demo addresses some (but not all) of the issues we brought up when we covered the last build, over a year ago. The dark and surreal aesthetic of the game continues to impress with the cutout-style enemy movements proving to be particularly unsettling. The game also now does a better job of guiding the player from location to location without resorting to mollycoddling.

Despite these improvements, REalM Walk of Soul: Book One continues to struggle with its clunky and awkward character controls. Since Iris holds momentum when moving and has a significant delay before she jumps, the game’s platforming sections are incredibly frustrating. Additionally, the adherence to a strict lives system adds a layer of unnecessary difficulty for a puzzle game. The fantastically creepy world of REaLM Walk of Soul: Book One deserves to have these issues addressed; one can only hope the developers fix them before release.

REalM Walk of Soul: Book One is being developed by Authentic Illusions and is scheduled to be published by Games Starter on PS4, PS Vita, and Steam in 2016.

Note: Some of the powers you collect are disabled in the demo. Check your pause screen with the ’P’ key to find out which ones.

Watch The REalM Walk of Soul: Book One Trailer Here

Download REalM Walk of Soul: Book One Beta Demo Here (Win, Mac)