Rebel Transmute – Kickstarter Demo

Rebel Transmute is a Metroid inspired 2D open world action adventure where you search for your mother on a planet filled with living robots and giant bugs.

In Rebel Transmute you are a space scrapper who has set out to a remote planet to discover the fate of her mother. An incident occured on the planet many years ago while her mother was stationed there and it appears there were no survivors. However, the planet is now filled with sentient robots and giant alien monsters that may make your mission a little tricky.

The gameplay in Rebel Transmute feels very much like a Metroid style metroidvania, with a large open world to explore, secrets, boss battles and areas that are gated by your equipment. There’s also a Souls-esque element to the currency you collect (you lose half of it if you don’t get back to the place that you died) and you can find or purchase equipment modules that you can add to your loadout at save stations.

The Rebel Transmute demo build features a sizeable chunk of the game world with lots of secrets to discover and two boss fights. It’s got a well crafted open world which gives you a nice amount of freedom, while never feeling overwhelming. The pixel art animation is also excellent and the controls are very responsive – which is handy as you’ll need some serious platforming skills to reach some of the secrets!

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