Rebound – Game Jam Build

Rebound is a clever little isometric single player puzzler and multiplayer battle game that sees you navigating a hazard-filled isometric terrain with a little bouncing ball.

In Rebound you control a little ball that can hop one space or jump two spaces. In the single player mode you are tasked with navigating a series of challenging levels which involve you collecting keys and making your way to the exit. While this may sound easy, a lot of the time the platforms that you stand on will disappear after you stand on them so you have to plan your route very carefully (especially when they’re invisible in the later stages).

As well as the single player puzzle mode, Rebound also features a multiplayer mode that sees you and up to three opponents attempting to be the last one standing in an arena where the tiles will disappear once you bounce on them. It’s a simple, but fun mode that can get very competitive once most of the files have disappeared.

It’s a great little game with stylish isometric visuals, some very clever puzzle design and two excellent game modes. A well crafted ball bouncing puzzler well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Rebound Here (Windows & Browser)