Rebuild/Resist – Game Jame Build Download


Rebuild/Resist, a game created by Studio Miniboss for the Ludum Dare 34 Challenge, is an extremely difficult 2D tower defense game where you must protect yourself and structures from the evil that resonates in the lands around you.

You play as a lone survivor, trying to survive each horrid night by constructing yourself a beacon to be saved. The problem is the monsters of the lands want nothing more than to see you rotting in the earth beneath them. You utilise your surroundings to gather wood from different areas to construct defenses to protect you will you work. These structures have all different uses that aid you in your quest for survival. Towers obviously shoot the enemy and kill them, Lumbermills give extra wood over short periods of time, Churches heal your wounds and give you a renewed sense of life and walls simply block out those that wish to do you harm. With these constructions at your disposal, use them wisely to assist you while you build your beacon and keep the monsters at bay.

Rebuild/Resist instantly throws you into the action, giving you two builds to start with (the beacon/fire and a tower) to build up. As the levels progress more builds litter your path and you must decide which of these will help you out the most. The basic design of the game is rather pleasing on the eye, with the simplistic color scheme making each item easily distinguishable. The music made the atmosphere feel tense, giving you a sense of being alone with no one else to turn to but yourself. The games difficulty also ramps up with each level that you progress through and to make matters worse the enemies spawn faster the longer you reside in the one area, making it nigh impossible to accomplish your given mission. All in allRebuild/Resist is a great game to kill some time with, and an interesting short story as well that explains itself after each level. You’ll have a ball playing this fantastic little gem.

Download Rebuild/Resist Here (Win, Mac & Linux)