Rec – Game Jam Build

Rec is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you can take snapshots of the level and the return the objects in that level to where they were when the snapshot was taken.

Created for the Japanese Unity 1 Week Game Jam, Rec is a well crafted puzzle platformer where you can essentially rewind time by returning to points in time where snapshots are taken. Each screen is a self-contained puzzle and requires you to use your snapshot taking abilities to make your way to the exit of each one.

To take a snapshot you first need to pick up a camera film. Once you have some film you can take a picture of the level then you can return any objects to the positions they were in at the time the picture was taken (while leaving you in your current position). The camera films are one use only so you have to be sure about when you want to use those snapshots.

It’s an impressive little game with some great pixel art animation and some very creative puzzle design that requires you to plan ahead and figure out the best points to use your snapshot abilities. An inventive little picture taking puzzler well worth checking out.

Important Note: When you pick up camera film you can tap the spacebar to take a picture. To return to the time the snapshot was taken hold the spacebar down. If you get stuck, “R” restarts the level.

Play Rec Here (Browser)