RE:CALL – Alpha Demo

RE:CALL is a very inventive puzzle action adventure where memories are malleable and changing them can alter the present in some very useful ways!

The majority of RE:CALL is told via flashbacks, with your character recounting the memories of what happened to him. However, those memories aren’t set in stone. Did you pick up a stone or a rock? Did you shoot a guard or distract him? Was there even a guard there in the first place? You can decide what happened in your memories and what happened back then will actually affect the circumstances of the present.

The current build of RE:CALL takes around 20 minutes to play through and sees you being interrogated after being caught sneaking around a mysterious factory. Your character, is quite frail and unassuming but his ability to manipulate memories makes him quite adept at sneaking around the factory and if you get caught then it’s no big deal – you learn from your mistakes and try something new the next time you recount the story.

It’s a very clever concept that takes the idea of an unreliable narrator and flips it on its head – everything you say happened, did happen, even if it didn’t in the first place! It makes for some very inventive puzzle design and there are some great gags throughout as the supporting cast try to wrap their heads around what’s going on. A memory manipulating adventure that you won’t forget. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The RE:CALL Alpha Demo Here (Steam)