Reclaim Earth – Alpha Demo

reclaim earth game

Reclaim Earth is a fast-paced, low res first-person shooter inspired by the DOOM franchise. With solid shooting mechanics and tight controls, Reclaim Earth provides more than just a nostalgic throwback splattered with bloody, pixellated gore; this game is a berserker packin’ man-and-a-half!

After humanity flees Earth following an alien invasion, a few brave souls dare to venture back to their abandoned home planet five years later to reclaim it from their alien overlords. You play as a soldier on the ground, blasting away the enemy hordes with nothing but your wits and a really, really big gun. Because of the low-res art style, monsters appear on the horizon as a single colored pixel. It is only when the beasts are mere paces away that they reveal themselves in all their fearsome, simple sprite glory. Most of the monsters will take three shots with your beginner handgun, but as you explore, you’ll quickly come across new weaponry and armor to help you mow down your opposition.

There has been a substantial uptick in the quality of the graphics of Reclaim Earth since its beginnings as a game jam submission for the Low Rez Jam 2016. The sprites for the monsters have been cleaned up, appearing crisper with a brighter red coloration, and overall, the pixels are more consistently sized, allowing you to better identify your surroundings. As far as sound and music direction goes, the opening menu track is an appropriate nod to the metal-inspired melodies of DOOM and the sound effects are crunchy and punchy as needed.

While the demo is very engaging, it does have its share of issues that make the experience less than ideal. The monsters all currently lack attack animations and as such, figuring out safe distances is a task of more luck than strategy. The placement of health and ammo reloads is suboptimal as well, and you’ll frequently find yourself running out of bullets with no back-up punch to save you. Even with these grievances in place, Reclaim Earth is still worth your time. Blowing up baddies and watching them splatter is just a good time. So what you waiting for? Get out there and rip and tear!

Download The Reclaim Earth Alpha Demo Here