Recollection – Alpha Download

Recollection is a cleverly constructed puzzle platforming adventure that sees you using time bubbles to restructure the world around you.

In Recollection you take on the role of Lirec, an unearthly being who has returned to the ruins of his once great civilization. The city is now in disrepair and filled with ruins, but Lirec has the ability to manifest time bubbles that allow him to get glimpses to the civilization back in its heyday and use it to his advantage as he attempts to traverse the landscape.

It’s still early in development so the world of Recollection does looks a little threadbare at times and the character animation could do with a little work, but the actual puzzle platforming gameplay is very impressive. Lirec’s time bubbles allow for some very inventive puzzle design with solutions that often feel like you’re breaking the game (though you’re actually not). It could do with a little polish, but Recollection is a very clever piece of game design well worth checking out for some puzzle platforming that encourages you to think outside of the box.

Download The Recollection Alpha Here (Windows – Controller Required)