Recollection – Student Project Download


Recollection is a short and surreal first person adventure puzzle game in which you explore the memories of an elderly man on his death bed.

Created by a group of students at Vancouver Film School, Recollection has a dream-like and slightly unsettling atmosphere and excellent visuals.  The puzzles are cleverly designed and require the same type of lateral thinking and experimentation that was seen in Portal.

As you explore the memories of this dying old man, several recurring themes are soon apparent, a young girl who guides you through, an older fear-enducing authoritarian man and lots of fire.  By the time you reach the end of the game you’ll figure out the significance of these, but it’s also worth paying close attention to the portraits and paintings that you come across along the way – each one gives you some insight into this old mans memories.

Recollection is by no means a horror game, but there’s a definite sense of dread throughout.  Maybe some memories are best forgotten, but you’ll certainly remember Recollection – an intelligent puzzle adventure, with a tense atmosphere and an engaging story.

Download Recollection HERE