Recrew – Game Jam Build Download

Recrew is a fun little seafaring construction game where you attempt to build a ship from the debris of your wrecked ship and fill it with crew-members.

Created for Global Game Jam 2020, Recrew is a charming little game where you attempt to build a seaworthy ship from the remains of your old one (which blew up). The gameplay is pretty simple – you just grab an object as it floats by and then attach it to your ship. Different objects will make it more buoyant or heavier and you also need to create enough space for the crewmates that you rescue along the way. If the ship sinks or any of the crew fall into the water then it’s game over.

Recrew is a touch on the easy side (some hazards would be a worthwhile addition), but it’s a fun little game with a charming visual style and easily accessible ship building gameplay. See if you can build a shipshape ship for your jolly little pirates!

Download Recrew Here (Windows)