Recurrent – Alpha Demo

Recurrent is a PS2 styled psychological horror game where you’re trapped in a strange recurring nightmare that is based on the developer’s own nightmares.

In Recurrent you take on the role of an indie game developer who is suffering from creative block. You work during the day in a mundane office job and at night you return home to your home (which is based on the developer’s own home) and your pet rabbit, Frank. It’s a pretty normal life, but when things start to get weird when you go to sleep and find a mysterious door inside your wardrobe…

The current build of Recurrent is a short demo that takes around 15 minutes to play through and has three different endings to discover. It’s got a very eerie and unsettling atmosphere even before the weird stuff begins – particularly the way your bunny seems to be the one that’s telling you what to do and the way you don’t see a single person while at your office job. The PS1 era aesthetic works well and although the endings aren’t hugely satisfying, they’ll no doubt be expanded on in the full game. A recurring nightmare well worth delving into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Recurrent Here (Windows)