Recursive Ruin – Beta Demo

Recursive Ruin is a visually stunning mind-bending narrative-driven puzzle adventure where an artist goes in search of meaning in a recursive fractal world.

In Recursive Ruin you follow the story of an artist who is having a creative crisis, with it being some time since they’ve created any artwork that they’re truly happy with. One day a mysterious package is delivered to your house (and unwrapped by your talking cat) containing a game which transports you to a surreal dimension that’s home to strange celestial beings and infinite recursive landscapes. This strange world is being corrupted by a malevolent substance known as Ichor, which you may help to beat back and restore the fabric of reality.

The Recursive Ruin demo build takes around 20 minutes to play through and is a pretty mind-blowing experience. After a short section in your apartment where you learn more about your character’s life, you then enter the Infinite Realms where you learn to manipulate your environment and bend the laws of physics to solve puzzles and progress.

The intro is a little sedate (particularly a section where you need to listen to a rather long audio recording), but once you start talking to your cat and enter the Infinite Realms things get a whole lot more interesting. You learn the intricacies of the recursive environments and you can manipulate them in some very clever ways to aid your progress. It’s a little reminiscent of Portal, in that its world has its own logic and you often need to think outside of the box to solve its puzzles. All the while the scenery is breathtaking. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Recursive Ruin Beta Demo Here (Steam)