Red Death – Prototype Download

red death

Red Death is a very cool pixel art side scrolling horror adventure clearly inspired by Prometheus and the Alien films, that sees you exploring as much of a hostile alien planet before your inevitable demise as your air runs out.

It’s a pretty intense experience as you embark on your journey, depicted though some excellent pixel art – of particular note are the panicky expressions on the close-up face of your astronaut.  You’ll find a gun, which you can use to postpone your demise, but death is inevitable, and in space no-one can hear you scream!

Watch our quick demise on the red planet HERE

Download the prototype HERE

2 thoughts on “Red Death – Prototype Download”

  1. Wow, thanks a lot Mr. Calum Fraser and also AlphaBetaGamer. This report is just awesome, and also thanks fro the kind words on it. I appreciate it very much. I enjoyed reading your awesome report. Hey, can I actually use the video to link it to my gamejolt account for the game? That would be great. Anyway thanks again, and I hope you will report on future games of mine too. Stay indie

    • Hi! You’re welcome man. Sure, you’re welcome to use anything you like from the article or the YouTube video. Cheers! :)

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