Red Goblin: Cursed Forest – Alpha Key Giveaway

Red Goblin

Red Goblin: Cursed Forest is a tough pixel art Metroidvania adventure platformer that see’s your charming little red goblin stranded in a rather dangerous and mysterious forest.

Your little goblin is a familiar summoned by a knight called Artuo who wants to be a wizard.  Artuo should probably not give up his day job though as he doesn’t seem to be terribly good at magic, as when he casts a simple teleportation spell you’re left stranded on your own in a mysterious dream forest.  What follows is a fun, but very challenging adventure.

You’ll die a LOT in Red Goblin thanks to some particularly devious (and sometimes a little unfair) traps, so much that your meagre 3 lives won’t get you far on your first few tries.  But persevere and tread cautiously and you’ll find a game full of secret areas, interesting characters, precise platforming and challenging gameplay.

Red Goblin: Cursed Forest isn’t perfect, but it is still very early in development, the one major difference we’d like to see at the moment is the removal of the life counter altogether (to effectively give you infinite lives), as the trial and error nature of some mean that you’ll die a lot.

If the dev sorts out the lives issue, Red Goblin: Cursed Forest could very well be a winner, a tough-as-nails platform adventure – Metroidvania Meatboy.

Note: To get past the boxes that are blocking your path you must go back and speak to Igor again after you’ve reached the boxes

You can visit the official website and purchase the Alpha for just $2.49 HERE

We have 20  Red Goblin: Cursed Forest Alpha Keys to give away!  Simply leave a comment below and we’ll send a key (first come, first served).

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  1. Thank you for the cool review and congrats to the winners!

    BTW you need to install ALL patches in order, ie. 0.8.3 then 0.8.4, No bugs in latest version so far. Version 1.0.0RC will be out next week.


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