red goddess

Red Goddess (Spotted by IndieRetroNews) is a beautiful Metroidvania 2D action/adventure platformer that allows you to enter the minds of your enemies as you explore the subconscious of the main character.  This gorgeous CGI rendered world represents the mind of your character, Divine, and all the enemies you meet are manifestations of her own bad thoughts.  Her mind has become clouded and ill, a mysterious and unknown corruption is tearing her apart from the inside, so she sets out to investigate her own subconscious.

As well as jumping into the minds of her enemies, Divine can also split into two aspects of her personality – Rage and Fear – effectively giving you 3 different playable characters  to switch between, each with their own skills and abilities.  When split into Rage and Fear the inactive half of your personality is represented by a glowing orb which can be thrown at enemies or teleported to, allowing you to access out of reach areas.  Also, as with any Metroidvania game worth its salt, there’s plenty of other interesting powers to unlock as you progress.

Already Greenlit on Steam and a quarter of the way to it’s $50k Kickstarter goal, even in these early stages of development, Red Goddess looks fantastic.  With it’s interesting storyline, beautiful visuals and fun gameplay mechanics, Red Goddess is shaping up to be an excellent platformer with some great ideas.

Download the Pre-Alpha Demo through the Kickstarter page HERE