Red Olympus – Alpha Download

Red Olympus is a stylish old school first person shooter with a cool retro CGA visual style, chiptune music and tough Doom-style FPS gameplay.

You play Barney, a pizza delivery man who has been ‘persuaded’ by a mysterious man called Mr. Incognito, to find and kill a Russian mob boss in the district of Red Olympus.  Needless to say, this won’t be a walk in the park.  As you explore the seedy underbelly of Red Olympus, you’re soon introduced to a variety of thugs and lowlifes who would rather introduce you to the wrong end of a baseball bat than to their boss.  What follows is a fun, fast and tough old school FPS with charming retro visuals and a great sense of style.  CGAensiein 3D.

Download the Red Olympus Alpha HERE

3 thoughts on “Red Olympus – Alpha Download”

  1. Hi,

    Just a correction… Barney isn’t a pizza delivery, he’s a trucker. The “fake” pizza was left there for a double agent that smuggled the objects for the protagonist escape this captivity.

    This fact will be more explicit when the protagonist talk with the double agent, at some point of game. Anyway, it is noteworthy that Barney is just one of four playable characters that will be available on final version.

    hank you for attention!

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