RED – Pre-Alpha Demo

RED is a stylish first person horror adventure full of surreal sights and creepy children as you face your inner fears in your recurring nightmares.

In RED you take on the role of an investigative journalist who has been left paralysed from the waist down after a mysterious accident. She has now retreated to her family home where she suffers from recurring nightmares which feature a strange girl. Things takes a strange turn when she is then asked to investigate the disappearance of that same girl and her father. She now has to enter her nightmares armed with childhood relics to keep the monsters at bay while she tries to discover the connection between the monsters, the girl and her accident.

The current demo build of RED feathers around 10 minutes of gameplay and is playable in standard screens or on Oculus Rift. It sees you exploring a twisting dungeon in search of clues, whilst being watched by freaky looking masked children (or child-like creatures). It’s a very creepy experience that goes for atmosphere over jump scares and has a great black, white aesthetic (with a dash or red). There’s no real sense of peril but it’s got a very foreboding atmosphere and every time you get a glimpse of one of the children your heart skips a beat. A black, white and blood red nightmare well worth delving into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The RED Pre-Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)