Red Ronin – Beta Demo

Red Ronin is a fast paced tactical turn based dash ‘n slash puzzle game where you control a ronin as they slice their way through levels filled with sword-wielding baddies.

In Red Ronin you step into the shoes of Red, a bloodthirsty ronin who seeks vengeance after she lost a loved one to a nefarious organisation called The Wind. You must now dash and slice your way through a series of cleverly designed levels, leaving a trail of blood and bodies in your wake.

The gameplay in Red Ronin is easy to pick up and play, with you simply pressing a direction and dashing in that direction until you hit a wall or other obstruction. Any enemies between you and that obstruction are promptly cut down with your blade as you pass through them. However, if there’s an enemy within two spaces of you when you come to a stop then they will promptly cut you down.

You need to plan your route through each level to dispatch your enemies without them getting a chance to attack back. As you progress you also unlock new abilities such as being able to alter your route mid-dash and being able to make your enemies skip a turn, which gives you more options and allows for more varied level design.

It’s a fun game with easily accessible gameplay, challenging puzzle design and excellent blood splattered pixel art visuals. Well worth checking out for some slice ‘n dice fun.

Download The Red Ronin Beta Demo Here (Steam)