Red Void – Student Project Download

Red Void download

Red Void is a very stylish and super challenging Unreal Engine 4-Powered 6 DOF shooter that combines the freedom of movement of Descent with the relentless action of Vanquish, as you attempt to navigate hazard-filled mazes and blast evil red cubes.

Visually Red Void is impressive, but it’s the clever tweaks to the traditional 6 DOF gameplay control scheme that really impresses. Instead of being played from a first person perspective, Red Void is played in third person, and allows for precision movement and skill based combat more akin to a Vanquish-style third person action game. This comes in handy when you stumble into a room with some evil red boxes – as they can be powerful adversaries that be particularly tricky to dispatch.

Red Void was created as a student project and only features three levels at the moment, but you’ll need some serious skill to complete them. The dev is hoping to build on the game in the future, and here’s hoping he does, as it’s a very impressive game that genuinely feels like it brings something new to the 6 DOF shooter genre.

Check Out a Red void Gameplay Video Here

Download Red Void Here (Windows)