Redgar: The Space Viking – Beta Sign Up

Redgar: The Space Viking is a narrative-driven Hotline Miami inspired top-down shooter where a space Viking sets out to save his family from an evil tyrant.

In Redgar: The Space Viking you take on the role of the titular Redgar, a young space Viking whoIe family has been kidnapped by a tyrant who aims to take over the world. The game takes place in an Earth where a strange rock of unknown origin collided and brought with it amazing futuristic technology. This essentially means you can use an assortment of badass medieval Sci-Fi weaponry as you fight your way through spaceships and save the world.

It’s a great looking twist on the top-down shooter genre with fast, fluid and brutal gameplay, and a cool selection of medieval Sci-Fi weapons. Plus, you’re an ass-kicking space Viking, what’s not to like?

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