Redirect – Game Jam Build Download

Redirect, a simple looking puzzle game where the controls keep being remapped to different keys, made for the Pizza Jam, has you attempting to figure out how to get to the exit of each level with whatever broken controls you are given!

In Redirect, each level has a different control scheme. These controls can be seen in the panel in the bottom left of the screen, showing you which button is linked to which control. Your goal is always to activate the end portal (if needed) and walk over to it. This seems like a pretty easy task, but some of the time, the way the controls are wired does change how you are able to solve the puzzle.

Activating the portal (once you reach levels where it is not already glowing green) involves shooting your gun at targets around the area. At first, your gun will not have the controls to rotate, but as you get farther into the game, you will need to change the direction of your gun to get to shoot them all. This gun also cannot go through walls, so you will sometimes need to rotate it away from other objects so you can continue forward.

It looks quite simple, but Redirect becomes extremely as you progress – especially when a single key press is linked to multiple buttons, or when a wire changes after each press, going back and forth between two keys. A quirky and challenging puzzler that will make you really appreciate the simplicity of traditional WASD controls!

Download Redirect Here (Windows)