REDO! – Pre-Alpha Demo

REDO! is a dark Sci-Fi metroidvania adventure that sees you exploring a world where division between humanity and machines, reality and insanity is very blurry.

Drawing inspiration from the works of Lovecraft and Tsutomu Nihei, in REDO! you take on the role of a lone human survivor in a world overrun by machines. It’s a grim and desolate world, filled with robots and the remains of a ruined civilization. All hope is lost, but then you receive a message from another survivor and set out one last time…

There’s a deliberate, slow pace to the exploration and combat in REDO!, with most enemies requiring you to use different tactics and taking several hits to dispatch. There are secrets to discover that will earn you upgrades and you can top up with ammo and health packs at vending machines, but it’s a harsh world and you need your wits around you to survive it.

It’s still early in development but REDO! shows a lot of promise. The combat and exploration are engaging and the muted color schemes, high quality pixel artwork and sombre soundtrack help create a sense of atmosphere. You don’t feel like a hero – you just feel like a survivor who is trying to scrape by in this dark and desolate world.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The REDO! Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows)