Red’s Revenge – Beta Demo

Red’s Revenge blends power-washing simulation with Red Riding Hood as you clean graffiti off the walls of a creepy hospital.

In Red’s Revenge you have just taken up a new job where you have to remove the graffiti from a hospital during the night while nobody’s there. Cleaning the graffiti’s pretty easy – you just blast them with your power-washer. However, the hospital had recently admitted a patient called Red, and they resorted to drastic treatment to save her. Now something haunts the halls and you’ll be lucky to escape alive!

It’s a fairly by-the-numbers horror game, with linear progression, scripted scares and lore notes to discover. However, the scares are well executed, it’s got a very tense atmosphere, the lore is intriguing and the power-washing is a nice touch. A fun twist on the classic story of Red Riding Hood.

Download The Red’s Revenge Beta Demo Here (Windows)

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