Redum of Sun – Prototype Download

REDUM OF SUN Game Download

Redum of Sun is a stylish low poly open world archery-based Sci-Fi first person shooter that draws inspiration from Doom and Far Cry, which sees you taking on the role of a celestial hunter who must serve the Daughter of Sun to atone for his sins.

In Redum of Sun you must reclaim the beautiful homeland of the Daughter of Sun that’s been invaded by the armies of the Son of Moon. You are a solitary warrior who uses his divine powers and celestial bow as he roams the land, taking out the dark enemies that plague it.

The Prototype build sees you exploring a large section of land, taking out all the enemies that are gathered around strange glowing beacons. You only have the one weapon (your bow), but you can gather crystals from fallen enemies and by smashing crystal deposits to automatically create more powerful arrows that can do some serious devastation.

It’s not the toughest game in the world at the moment and there is a lot of walking between empty spaces, but the archery based combat is fun and the low poly art style very striking. The vast low poly open world is a joy to behold, the Sci-Fi fantasy narrative is very intriguing and the bow and arrow combat feels satisfyingly tactile and devastating. A stylish and unique first person archery adventure well worth training your signs on.

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