Refracted Fate – Prototype Download

Refracted Fate is an intriguing sci-fi puzzle adventure with horror elements, which sees you attempting to escape from a secret military research facility that’s been hacked to make all the automated defenses hostile to everyone that works there (including you!)

In Refracted Fate you take on the role of a worker at a secret research facility situated deep below the Alaskan mountains. The research facility creates everything from nuclear weapons to military robots and unfortunately for you a hacker has turned all the facilities defenses against you!

The current build of Refracted Fate features around half an hour of gameplay and focuses on puzzle solving and stealth. In the game you have the ability to phase between two different dimensions, which comes in handy for avoiding security cameras and solving puzzles.

It can occasionally be a little confusing as to what you’re supposed to be doing, but it’s a fun and well polished adventure. Visually it’s very impressive and The puzzle design is satisfyingly challenging – requiring a mixture of snooping on computers, dimension shifting and physical manipulation of objects. We’ll look forward to seeing more of Refracted Fate in the future as it’s off to a very promising start.

Download The Refracted Fate Prototype Here (Windows)