Regrowth – Alpha Download

Regrowth is a simple, challenging and very addictive little isometric puzzle game where you attempt to turn barren land into lush greenery before it sinks into the ocean.

Your aim in each level of Regrowth is to grow a set amount of grass on a barren piece of land. You get a little cash, which you can use to purchase flora and irrigation tools, which you then use to make the grass grow as much as possible. However, land that’s not hydrated will dry up and fall into the water – so you need to try to keep it hydrated, or at least the parts you’re planning on growing grass on.

At the moment it could do with a little tweaking of the difficulty because the first levels are some of the hardest and their solutions are very prescriptive. It’s a clever concept though and it gets a lot more fun when you reach the larger levels that allow you to experiment more with your placement of flora and tools. A very chilled out, but challenging and addictive little puzzle game that will grow on you!

Download The Regrowth Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks a lot for featuring my game, and the article is really well written. I should rewrite my game description so it would feel like yours. :)
    Yes, the difficulty curve overhaul is on the way, and it’s going to be one of the “new features” of the Beta.
    Thanks again!

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