Regular Home Renovation Simulator – Downloadable Game

Regular Home Renovation Simulator is a fun little PS1 styled harrer game where you attempt to renovate a house that keeps mysteriously growing.

Created for the 32bit Jam 2022, Regular Home Renovation Simulator delivers a horror twist on the House Flipper style building renovation sim genre. Your renovation tools are fairly simple – you have a screwdriver for fixing electrical sockets, a hoover for cleaning the floor, a scraper for fixing the wall and a selection of flooring tiles for covering the floor. It’s only a small house so it shouldn’t take too long but you keep stumbling across new areas you hadn’t noticed before…

It’s a clever little twist on the house renovation sim genre that does a great job of ramping up the creepiness as you fix up the house. Also, the actual house renovation gameplay is oddly satisfying too – just make sure you do a good job!

Download Regular Home Renovation Simulator Here (Windows & Linux)