Re:Hazard – Game Jam Build

Re:Hazard is a tricky little top-down shooter where you fight against multiple previous recordings of yourself as you attempt to infiltrate a computer.

In Re:Hazard you take control of a virus that’s infiltrating a computer system, but the computer records you as you play and spawns copies of you as a defense system. It plays a little like Molleindustria’s The Best Amendment, but with multiple level layouts and a cool retro aesthetic.

Each level is split up into multiple phases, first of which just requires you to shoot an immobile blue dot. The next phase the requires you to shoot the blue dot and the previous recording of yourself. This continues, until there are lots of previous versions of yourself running around the level which you have to eliminate while avoiding their shots – which can be pretty tough!

It’s a fun little game that not only requires precision shooting skills, but also a little though and planning as you try to figure out a way for each run to be effective, but also be easy to kill and avoid for your next run. A tricky twin-stick shooter that you literally do play against yourself!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Re:Hazard Here (Windows)