Rehearsals and Returns is a video game about conversations that will never take place.  It’s a odd game where you’ll travel along a short platforming stage (in which you can’t jump!), then meet up with someone you might know or someone famous (alive or dead), offering them words of wisdom, love or hate.  This makes for some very interesting scenarios, as you meet people such as your dentist, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Osama Bin Laden, Tiger Woods and Patrick Swayze.  As the games developers say ‘these days modern media lets us share all of our thoughts, but what would you say if no one was listening?’

It’s an interesting concept and a great art style, and while the gameplay does get a tad repetetive before the end of it’s short (30min/1hr) playtime, it’s worth playing through for the pay-off at the end.

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available