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Relapse, a game being created by BluePrintGames, is an extremely atmospheric, psychological horror adventure with incredible world design and tricky puzzles that will keep you guessing.

The game centers around the Arcadia Asylum, an old building that is due to be demolished in the coming days to make way for a new project. As an Urban Blogger you decide to visit the asylum in its last few remaining days to get some pictures for your article. Little do you know that a mysterious person is watching every move you make, waiting for the right moment to make you a puppet in his game of cat and mouse.

Relapse combines elements from horror and puzzle genres, which means you will not only see red from the tricky puzzles but will also tremble with fear as you make your way through the courtyard of the asylum. The demo grips you within the first few moments of gameplay, sending chills down your spin as you walk endlessly forward towards the asylum that casts an eerie shadow over your whole body.

Relapse is designed pretty much flawlessly, except for the few graphical overlays here and there, and it immerses you as soon as the game loads. The somber melody that lingers in your ears draws you in, making you question what happened in the asylum to begin with, but the howling of the wind rustling near by trees slowly begins to over power the melody.  Even in these early stages of development, the audio and visuals are superb, helping to create a unique adventure with a tense atmosphere and clever puzzle design.  Well worth checking out if you like your horror games to be a bit more cerebral.

Note: As the current build is not fully optimised yet, it can be very taxing on your computer.  So you’ll need a fairly powerful PC to be able to play it.

Visit the Relapse Kickstarter Page Here

Download the Relapse Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows 64bit, Mac and Linux)

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