Related – Kickstarter Demo

Related is a creepy psychological horror game that follows conjoined sisters who share equal halves of the same body as they grow up in a miserly and uncaring orphanage.

You may be forgiven for thinking that the main character(s) in Related has a split personality, but the reality is that the one body holds two conjoined sisters called Jessica and Julia. They both control one half of the body and have learned to communicate with each other and coordinate their movements. It’s a hard life for them, as they live in an orphanage that seems to care more about making money than caring for children, but together they get by.

The current build of Related takes around 30 minutes to play through and follows a seemingly now non-conjoined adult Jessica as she returns to the orphanage she grew up in and uncovers lost memories. Jessica clearly misses Julia and the loss has manifested itself physically too, with Jessica walking with a limp and always having half of her face covered with her hair. When she enters the orphanage she then starts to have flashbacks of her childhood and things really start to get weird.

There are a few minor grammatical issues, but on the whole it’s a very impressive game that features a nice blend of puzzles, narrative and surreal psychological horror. The artwork is absolutely fantastic and the puzzles are well designed (though it would be good if interactable hot-spots were better highlighted). The narrative is particularly intriguing and you’ll be dying to learn more of Julia and Jessica’s story by the end of it.

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