RELAY – Beta Download

RELAY is an inventive 2D puzzle platformer where you transmit your mind to different bodies to overcome obstacles in its cleverly crafted levels.

In each level of RELAY your aim is to make simply to make your way to the exit. However there are invariably a selection of locked doors, large gaps, walls and deadly hazards in your way. Your little robotic body isn’t particularly agile, but you are capable of transferring your consciousness to different bodies, if they’re in your line of sight. The levels are short, but it can take some time to figure them out as you often have to plan ahead and pay attention to little details in the environment.

It’s a very impressive little puzzler with stylish visuals and some very creative level design. The ability to transfer your consciousness is a great gameplay mechanic that’s used in lots of inventive ways as you make your way through RELAY’s 22 well designed levels. Highly recommended.

Download or Play RELAY Here (Windows & Browser)