Relic Raiders – Open Alpha

Relic Raiders is a fast paced free-for-all multiplayer twin-stick arena shooter where players fight to be the last one standing in a battlefield made out of hexagonal columns which randomly drop until they disappear.

Combining the strategy of a MOBA with the fast paced gameplay of a twin-stick shooter, Relic Raiders pits you against fifteen other players, all vying to be the last one standing. There are multiple character classes, each with their own unique stats and weaponry, and although you don’t level up during matches, you can collect powerful one-use abilities by destroying the cores littered around the battlefield.

There are more modes coming soon, but the main mode at the moment is “Rise & Brawl”, which sees up to sixteen players deployed into a randomly generated terrain to fight to the death. Last one standing wins, but it’s not just the other players you have to worry about – the hexagonal columns that make up the battlefield will randomly drop until they disappear (and you really don’t want to be sanding on them when they disappear).

It’s a fun game, with easily accessible multiplayer twin-stick arena combat, a good selection of characters and a shifting battlefields that provide a nice sense of peril. A fast paced free-for-all twin-stick shooter well worth raiding.

Note: Due to the low playerbase at the moment it’s best to try playing at around 10pm EST when there are more people there. You can also meet up in the game’s Discord group.

Download The Relic Raiders Alpha Here (Steam)