Relicta – Pre-Alpha Demo

Relicta is a very impressive first person puzzle adventure set in the depths of the moon, which sees you controlling magnetism and gravity to solve inventive physics based puzzles.

In Relicta you take on the role of a researcher who has been studying the mysterious properties of a meteorite that crashed into the moon. You have managed to harness the meteorite’s energy to allow you to alter the magnetic properties of objects and even displace their gravity. You’ve been testing out these abilities in the test chamber, but you may soon have to put them into practical use to save your daughter…

The current build of Relicta features around 20 minutes of gameplay and allows you to get to grips with your abilities. The puzzle design is fondly reminiscent of Portal, but with you using magnetism and gravity to solve the puzzles rather than a Portal Gun. The puzzles start off fairly easy, but once the magnetism and gravity bending elements are introduced the puzzle design gets far more creative and really requires you to think outside to box to solve them.

The voice acting could do with a little work, but it’s an excellent start to what promises to be a great Sci-Fi puzzle adventure. The the narrative is very intriguing, the visuals and world design are very well done and the magnetism and gravity based puzzles are particularly inventive. A cerebral Sci-Fi puzzle adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Relicta Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows)