Relik – Beta Download

Relik is a very addictive massively multiplayer competitive puzzler in which your aim is to create the perfect puzzle cube while cracking the puzzles on other player’s cubes.

Relik plays like a puzzle based version of The Castle Doctrine, with you earning Gold and resources by defeating other players puzzle cubes, which you can then use to upgrade your own. The cubes contain four different types of puzzles, each of which can be upgraded and customized in attempt to make them as hard as possible for another player to crack.

The four different types of puzzle are Sequence, Runes, Mimic and Maze, with each making up separate sides of the cube (the Maze takes up three sides). Sequence requires a player to memorise a pattern of tiles, Runes is a pair matching memory game, Mimic is a Simon-style watch and repeat game and the Maze sees you attempting to make it to the end of a branching maze that can cover three sides of the cube.

You start Relik in an easy league and are pitted against fairly easy puzzle cubes, but as you progress the difficulty ramps up. Each time you defeat a cube you’ll earn Gold and other resources that you can use to upgrade your own cube. This can allow you reduce the time players get to crack the puzzles, as well as making more complex sequences in the Sequence and Mimic puzzles, adding more symbols to the Runes game and building far more complex mazes in the Maze puzzle.

Relik is a free to play game, but the microtransactions really aren’t intrusive and everything is unlockable via gameplay – in fact the main reason you’d choose to buy any premium currency is just to support the dev. It’s a very addictive game with stylish visuals and fun competitive puzzling gameplay that sees you constantly trying to outwit other players, as you beat their cubes and attempt to build an unbeatable one of your own. A cleverly crafted competitive cubic puzzler well worth checking out.

Download The Relik Beta Here (Steam)