Reliquary – Alpha Download


Reliquary is a roguelike futuristic action rpg focused on exploration, survival, and dying a lot.  Stranded in a procedurally generated asteroid field riddled with derelict ships and bizarre creatures, you’ll need to survive countless perils in your search for a way home.

It’s a great game, with a fun combat system influenced by Vlambeers Nuclear Throne, challenging gameplay influenced by Spelunky and Demon’s Souls, a very cool minimalistic soundtrack, challenging gameplay, upgrades, boss fights, a wonderful pixel art graphical style and procedurally generated level design.

The Alpha demo gives you access to the whole of the first area of the game, the first boss fight and free rein of the crashed spacecraft that acts as a base of operations for your intrepid explorer.  You’ll have to clear four procedurally generated levels to reach the boss fight, which is easier said than done.

As you can imagine by the games it’s been influenced by, Reliquary is no walkover, ammo is scarce and some of the enemies can be pretty devastating.  You’ll have to fight smart if you’re going to survive this space oddity.

Watch a Lets Play of it HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Be sure to read the controls, or you won’t last long!)