Re:Maze – Game Jam Build

Re:Maze is a chilled out First person puzzler that sees you laying markers to help you escape a maze within 80 steps.

In Re:Maze you find yourself trapped within a beautifully rendered 3D maze. You only have 80 steps to try and make it out before you respawn in a random location and have to start again, but you can spray markers on the walls to help you find your way on future attempts. As you spawn in random locations each time, it will take a while to figure out your route, but if you mark symbols oto highlight where you’ve been and pay attention to landmarks (it’s not a generic looking maze), then you should be able to escape.

It’s a great little game with a relaxing atmosphere and a feeling that you’re always making some sort of progress even when you fail as you eliminate routes and narrow down your options. A wonderful little maze-based puzzler well worth getting lost in.

Check Out a Gamplay Video Here (Windows)

Download Re:Maze Here (Windows)