Reminiscence – Student Game Download

Reminiscence features an inventive narrative-driven time-travelling twist on P.T. style corridor horror, where you try to save your family before time collapses upon itself.

Created by students at ISART DIGITAL, Reminiscence delivers a very fresh take on P.T. style corridor horror as you shift time to try and save your family. In the game you take on the role of a researcher who has managed to invent time travel. This new technology is supposed to help you fix the past (such as the death of your family) but now everything is going wrong. Time is collapsing upon itself and there’s something that lives between time that’s trying to get out!

There’s a dearth of sub-par P.T. clones nowadays, but Reminiscence is different. It takes some of the core ideas of P.T. and evolves them in some very original ways. Firstly, it’s not technically a looping corridor you’re in – you go back and forth through the house and it alters depending on what time you are in (and how the narrative progresses). It’s also got some clever puzzles that require you to make use of your time-shifting abilities. Then there’s the excellent writing, which combined with some high quality voice acting, does a great job of drawing you into its tragic story. If there’s one thing that time travel movies have taught us, it’s that tampering with time never ends well! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Reminiscence Here (Windows)