Remity – Beta Demo

Remity is a top-down pixel art action adventure where a fox finds themselves trapped between the dream world and the waking world.

In Remity you take on the role of a fox who is stuck in a mysterious dreamy world filled with monsters and strange characters. The gameplay feels a lot like the dungeon crawling sections in The Legend of Zelda, with enemies to kill, sword-based combat and traps to avoid. You also have a nifty air-dash (which you can redirect while in the air) and you also have some magic chalk, which you can use to draw around enemies to kill them.

At the moment the hit detection for the edges of platforms feels a little stingy (so you fall to your death quite often), which makes some of the platforming sections a little infuriating, but other than that it’s a very promising game. The pixel art visuals are great, it’s got an interesting world to explore and the chalk mechanics are particularly enjoyable. A fun action dungeon crawling adventure where you can draw your enemies to death!

Download The Remity Beta Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)