Remnants in the Water – Game Jam Build Download

Remnants in the Water is a strange little retro styled narrative driven adventure set in a submarine that has survived a nuclear apocalypse.

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers, in Remnants in the Water the good news is that you’ve survived a nuclear apocalypse, but the bad news is that you’re still pretty doomed. The world has ended, humanity has nuked itself off the face of the planet and now you and the rest of the crew on your nuclear submarine have to come to terms with it.

As you explore the submarine you can chat to the various crewmembers and they tell you their thoughts on the current situation. This helps fill you in with what’s happened (you banged your head so you’ve been out of it for a while) and you learn how the crew are each dealing with the end of the world.

It’s an interesting little game with a genuinely worrying and all to real take on a nuclear apocalypse. The artwork for each of the characters is excellent and the writing is very well done. As you explore the sub with the last of the human(ish) race, you may come to ask yourself were you one of the lucky ones to survive or will it just prolong the misery?

Download Remnants in the Water Here (Windows & Mac)