REMOTE LIFE – Alpha Demo

REMOTE LIFE is a beautifully animated Sci-Fi horror shoot ‘em up where you blast your way to the center of a huge biomechanical alien mothership to stop it from destroying Earth.

In REMOTE LIFE you take on the role of an elite pilot called John Leone who has been sent on a mission to infiltrate a gigantic alien mothership and destroy it from the center. It won’t be easy though – the ship is filled with all manner of grotesque alien bugs and Giger-esque biomechanical abominations, all of which want you dead.

The full version of REMOTE LIFE will feature a variety of missions, including escort missions and open world missions, but the demo build sticks to a classic side scrolling shoot ‘em up format. Gameplay is similar to traditional old school arcade shooters like R-Type and Gradius, but you have the ability to aim your weapon using the right control stick.

There’s a nice selection of power-ups to collect, but interestingly they’re all temporary – while this does mean you don’t get the feeling of gradually levelling up to become a fully powered-up badass, it does mean that the devs can focus on making the level design more balanced. It’s a system that works very well and you never feel like you’re underpowered if you die halfway through a level.

It’s a very promising game with fantastic animation, a thumping soundtrack, challenging old school shoot ‘em up gameplay and lots of grotesque biomechanical alien monsters to blast. The only irritation at the moment is the computer generated voice of the pilot, which really feels out of place (it should really sound more human). That’s just a minor irritation though and you really don’t care what your pilot sounds like when you’re eviscerating alien bugs! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The REMOTE LIFE Alpha Demo Here (Steam)