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Renegade X is a fantastic fan made Command & Conquer multiplayer FPS that combines large scale combat with strategy as the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod clash in epic battles with up to 64 players.

Renegade X has been around for a while, in-fact we first covered it on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014, but the community has been continuing to work on it all this time and have made it into a remarkably polished experience. It’s not just a normal FPS with some C&C skins on – it does actually feel very much like you’re one of the ground troops in a traditional C&C game and it’s a much more strategic take on warfare than most shooters.

As in the C&C RTS games, in each battle players must defend their base and attempt to destroy their opponent’s one. Importantly, if a team loses a key structure then they lose the benefits that structure offered – so destroying the power plant can cause the cost of units and vehicles to jump by 50% and destroying the GDI’s weapons factory will knock out their ability to purchase most vehicles.

As the match goes on harvesters (which can also be destroyed) harvest Tiberium, which can be used to purchase weapons, special characters, airstrikes and vehicles from computer panels in your base each time you spawn. There are over 30 weapons and 15 vehicles that you can use in battle – all of which are instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever played a C&C game.

There is a wide breadth of multiplayer shooters on the market nowadays but there really is nothing quite like Renegade X. It brings real strategy to the genre and makes you feel like your smallest victories can have a dramatic effect on the battle. The visuals and polish put many AAA shooters to shame and the C&C elements are implemented very cleverly. Highly recommended.

Download The Renegade X Beta Here (Windows)

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